Sonarpur Police Station

Police Station


Sonarpur is a city and a municipality under Sonarpur PS of Baruipur Sub-division. Sonarpur being in the South-End of Kolkata had been the centre of multidimensional culture and activities in pre & post independent era of India. The PS serves an area of 169.816 sq km and the total population is 6,44,349, (Male- 3,28,051, Female – 3,16,293, Others-5 ). There are 70% Hindus and 25% Muslims in the population. There are 11 gram panchayats, two municipalities of Sonarpur, Rajpur and one development block i.e Sonarpur. The PSs in the neighbourhood are Bishnupur PS, Baruipur PS, Bhangore PS, KLC PS, Tiljala PS, Purba Jadavpur PS, Regent Park PS, Kasba PS & Jadavpur PS. The area is close to Kolkata and is well connected to the capital city through rail and bus routes. The area is highly urbanized and the police station is situated close to the busy Sonarpur railway station. There are lot of residential complexes and small scale business establishments here. The Sonarpur police is assisted actively by the traffic guards since the roads connecting Kolkata are crowded round the clock. The PS has strategic patrolling plans and utilize cycle, auto rickshaw and jeep patrols.. There are many places of historical importance such as the ancestral House of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Darakanath Bidyabhawan and birth place of famous sculptor Chintamoni Kar at Jagaddal.

Police Station At a Glance

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