Public Interaction

The Baruipur Police District offers the following Public Interaction-



1.Sighting of any suspious person must be reported to the nearest Police Station.

2. While leaving your home unguarded inform a neighbour you can trust and also your where about. Also inform your Police Station if leaving on a long vacation.

3. Please keep your valuables and jewelry in bank lockers.

4. Install grills on your windows as far as possible.

 5.Get your domestic helps registered with the local Police Station after verification of antecedents.

 6.If you find anything suspicious about your tenants or neighbours inform the Police immediately.

7. Make a list of all your valuables and keep it safe.

8. In case of theft or burglary inform the Police immediately and do not disturb the scene of crime.

9. Keep authenticated Identity Card and details of your Tenant and inform Local Police Station