Safety Tips

The Baruipur Police District offers the following Safety Tips-



1. Don’t use guessable password for your email id and social networking site profiles.
2. Use at least 12 digit passwords by using all capital letter, small letter, special character and number.
3. Don’t use any guessable answer in password forget hints.
4. Try to use two tier authentications for your email ID.
5. If you are victim of offensive mail or picture in your mail Id or social network site or website take a print out and print screen or mail and social network site or website. Always keep the link (URL) of the website, where offensive word or picture was used against you.
6. Don’t open any unwanted mail or attachment. It may cause damage your computer and steal your all including financial details.
7. Don’t show interest on mail for winning unwanted lottery.
8. Don’t go for video calling or chatting with any stranger.
9. Always use ‘https’ sites for online financial transaction.
10. Don’t install any software from unknown publisher.
11. Don’t click on any link from any unwanted/ spam mail.
12. Always try to keep paid antivirus in your computer.
13. Never share your profile details to any unknown.


• Don’t keep your vehicle in any lonely place.
• Always use security lock alarm in your vehicle.
• Don’t keep your vehicles in any busy place as un-attended.
• Please plug out the key before leaving vehicles.
• Please plug out the spark plug of your motorcycle before leaving it alone.
• After parking lock the handle of your Motor Cycle.


This may be the single most effective strategy you can employ to secure your finances. Balancing a checkbook is advised, though the technique is becoming outdated with the advent of online banking. At the very least, you should log in and view your account activity multiple times every week to make sure there are no unexpected transactions. Report any discrepancies to your financial institution immediately.These are the keys to your money. Guard them with vigilance. Do not give them out to anyone, and never write them down on paper, in an email or in a text message. These can all be easily intercepted.