Maipith Coastal Police Station

Police Station


The Maipith Coastal PS started functioning on 10th September 2009 and serves an area of 131.8751 sq km. The PS was started with the objective of effective, efficient policing in the remote areas of Suderbans. The police has regular river patrols , which has brought down the political violence which had once disturbed the whole jurisdiction. The PS also monitors the fish trawler movement through the area, and is strategically important for coastal security. The area is also infamous for illicit liquor distillation. The main income of people comes from honey collection and fisheries.The PS has total population of 48,220 (Male- 24,654 & Female – 23,566) of which 88% are Hindus and 10% are Muslims. The PS has 2 gram panchayats and Kultali development block. Kultali PS, Raidighi PS, Pathar Pratima PS are in the vicinity of Maipith PS.

Police Station At a Glance

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