Kultali Police Station

Police Station


Kultali is one of the largest island in the Sunderbans. The PS serves an area of 244.26 Sq km having 9 GPs and two development blocks. It has a population of 2,30,411, (Male- 1,18,904, Female – 1,11,507) constituted by 55% Hindus, 44% Muslims and 1% Christians. It borders the Raidighi PS, Joynagar PS, Canning PS, Basanti PS & Maipith Coastal PS. The area is accessible only by vessels and boats. The general economic profile of the people is very poor and the area is highly politically active. There had been the presence of various criminal gangs in the past , but effective police action has stopped their operation in the area. The population is mainly agrarian and depends on forest produce and fisheries. The area is notorious for timber smuggling, piracy and also illicit liquor distillation. The police carries out regular land and river patrols for tourist protection and general crime prevention.

Police Station At a Glance

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