Joynagar Police Station

Police Station


Joynagar PS serves a huge area of 438.06 sq km. There are 20 gram panchayats, Joynagar-Majilpur muncipality and two development blocks under the area. The PS is surrounded by Mathurapur PS, Mandirbazar PS, Magrahat PS, Baruipur PS, Canning PS, Kultali PS & Raidighi PS. The total population of PS is 5,63,273, (Male- 3,09,800, Female – 2,53,473) with 44% Hindus and 55% Muslims. The major source of income of the people is agriculture and animal husbandry. This area is famous for political activism and often here have been violent political and communal clashes. But strategic planning and patrolling of police has brought down the violence to a minimum level. The parliament election was conducted without any serious incident and this stands testimony to the good work done by the police. There are tiny hamlets dominated by either hindus or muslims in this area. The mutual distrust between the two communities had been a cause of many communal clashes in the past. However, proactive confidence building measures by police has resulted in tailoring the gap between the two communities to pave way for lasting peace.

Police Station At a Glance

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