Gosaba Police Station

Police Station


Gosaba is one of the main deltaic islands in the Suderban region, bounded by the Matala and Zilli rivers. It is the last inhabited area before the deep forests start. The PS serves an area of 127 Sq K.M having 8 GPs consisting of 4 Islands. It has a total population of – 2,46,682 (Male- 1,26,204 & Female – 1,20,478) out of which 80% are Hindus, 12% are Muslims and 5% Christians. The Gosaba Island is a favourite destination for tourists. There are regular lounge services starting from Gosaba to Sunderban islands. The PS carries out regular river and land patrols for tourist safety and crime prevention.The police has quick response teams to react to any difficulties faced by the tourists. The main source of income for the people is from tourism and honey collection.

Police Station At a Glance

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