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On 26.07.22 on getting information about refilling & manufacturing unit of duplicate Pepsi Co products at Jibantala Bazar by one Khurshid Alam Khan S/O Sahar Ali Khan. Accordingly, police team of Jibantala PS and officials of PEPSI CO LTD conducted raid at the shop of Khurshid Alam Khan. During the raid seized the following articles :- 1. PEPSI filled bottle 143 pieces (200 ml each), 2. Mountain dew filled bottles 98 pieces (200 ml each), 3. Mirinda filled bottles 77 pieces (200 ml each), 4. 7up filled bottles 82 pieces (200ml each), 5.Slice filled bottles 78 pieces, 6. Syrup flavour 9 bottles ( 500 ml each), 7. Pepsi Co cap 246 pieces, 8. Empty bottles of pepsico 173 pieces of 200ml, 9. PEPSICO CARAT - 17pcs, 10. VESCO food colour container -03 pieces (Each containing 500 gram), 11. Bush lime juice and soda -04 pieces (500 ml each), 12. Mist flavour- 7 bottles (500 ml each) But the accused was found absconder. Over this, a case was started at Jibantala PS under Copyright Act.

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  • On 26.07.22 police team of Jibantala PS & officials of PEPSI CO LTD conducted raid & seized duplicate Pepsi Co products & other items.