Baruipur Police Station

Police Station


Baruipur P.S. falling under the Baruipur Muncipality comprises an area of 212.48 encompassing one development block, 19 gram panchayats and one municipality. The station is situated in the Kulpi road and remains connected with Kolkata by rail through two main railway stations, Baruipur and Kalyanpur. The Sub Divisional Police Officer of Baruipur Sub Division is stationed here. The other police stations in the vicinity are the ones located at Canning, Joynagar, Magrahat, Bishanupur and Soanarpur. The estimated population in Baruipur is 4,32,870 and is constituted of 2,22,325 males, 2,10,514 females and 31 others. 64% of the population are Hindus and 35% are Muslims while Christians compose a very small community.The main occupation of the people is agriculture, while some indulge in daily wage labour in Kolkata. Baruipur serves as a low-cost housing hub for the people working in Kolkata who commute between the two places which are well connected via rail services. The Baruipur municipality comprises of 17 wards and boasts of its rich tradition and heritage.. It was established on 1st April 1869 with Shri. Late Sailendra Roychowdhury as its first Chairman. The place is also famous for the annual Rash festival at Rash Math. The Baruipur Court has its own legacy. The eminent Bengali Novelist Late Bankim Chandra Chattapadhyay once adorned the chair of Civil Judge at Baruipur Civil Court. It is here, where he met the eminent Michel Madhusudan Dutta. The religious history of Baruipur is deeply entrenched in the minds of the citizens. It is believed that Sri Chaitannya Mahapravu had come to Mahapravu Tala near Puratan Bazar along the river Adi-Ganges on his way to spread the message of Lord Sri Krishna. He also went to village Atisara and chanted the Kirtan. From then the place became known as Kritankhola. The Baruipur town area is a traffic nightmare, with highly congested market area and a busy railway crossing. Therefore a major chunk of the people living here, belong to a middle class setup or even lower strata. The place has sustained cultivation of seasonal and non-seasonal fruit of which the juicy Baruipur Guava is famous. Since it is surrounded by the poverty stricken areas like Magrahat, Joynagar, and Canning , most of the time it was seen that the criminals from these P.Ss areas have infiltrated within the jurisdiction of Baruipur and decamp after committing crimes in the bordering areas of this P.S.

Police Station At a Glance

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